1. Keynote speaker net-centric warfare IQPC conferences Singapore (2008 and 2009)
  2. Delivered lectures on the regional security situation at the Institute of South Asian Studies, Mason University, Washington D.C. (2010)
  3. Delivered lecture at IPS Islamabad on Chem-Bio Weapons and Pakistan (October 18, 2012)
  4. Adjunct faculty, National Defence University Islamabad (2010)
  5. Department of Strategic & Nuclear Studies, NDU Islamabad (Feb 2012- Feb 2013)
  6. Dean Center for International Peace & Stability (CIPS), NUST (Feb 2013, Continued)
  7. Presentation on info space CBMs, Atlantic Council (5 Sep 2013)
  8. Presentation on Safety & Security of Pakistani Nuclear Weapons, SVI (25 September 2013)
  9. Presentation on modern trends in arms control and disarmament in NDU (1st January 2013)

International Exposure

He has delivered lectures to international audiences at Military Economics Academy Wuhan China, Center of Excellence Defense against Terrorism Ankara, South Asian University New Delhi, Atlantic Council Washington DC, National University of Singapore and the George Mason University, Washington DC on regional security, information security, confidence building measures and UN peacekeeping. He has also delivered keynote speeches on net-centric warfare in seminars held in Singapore. He conducted an exercise on nuclear deterrence organised by the SinanWren Foundation in Istanbul, Turkey via Skype.